UBC engineering student ('23) from Macau, fascinated with tech since I can remember. Love Linux and open-source stuff.

Designed, built, and maintaining a home server running pfSense, Debian and Windows Server on ESXi, where I learnt networking, virtualization, web servers, and data storage. (and how annoying Windows is...)

Currently learning Android Java programming. Snapchat Streaks Reminder is my main project. Almost there getting 1000 downloads!

Member of Software Team of UBC Sustaingineering.

Looking forward to major in Computer Engineering in UBC.

Interested in my project? Something to tell me? Feel free to drop an email and talk about anything! Really, anything!

Consider donating to the EFF or other nonprofits focused on digital rights. They are the ones who make sure the internet is always open and free.


Send me a PGP-encrypted email if you can!

Personal Email: [email protected]

Webadmin Email: [email protected]

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Key ID: 0xDEA05F71

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