Computer Engineering student ('24) at UBC. System Engineering Co-op at Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company. Born and raised in Macau, I have always been fascinated with tech since I can remember. Love Linux and open-source stuff.

Designed, built, and maintaining a home server running pfSense, Ubuntu Server and Windows Server on VMWare ESXi, where I learnt networking, virtualization, web servers, data storage, and much more. 

I also work on Android apps development. Snapchat Streaks Reminder and Chinese Converter are my main projects. Currently with over 8000 combined downloads!

Weirdly interested in television broadcasts and rail transit systems lately... and editing Wikipedia. What happens when you combine transit and Wikipedia? I went to every station of Macau LRT to take pictures of them for Wikipedia. Also, read my blog series (in Chinese) on television broadcasts in Macau!

However, my biggest interest of all is to research and learn completely random stuff about our world. I could be looking at Street View of Mumbai when you said hi to me, and I might be off to reading why time in Xinjiang, China might be two hours apart depending on who you asked. As much as this sounds like an excuse for wasting time, I believe that if everyone can spend some time away from mainstream media with all the stereotypes and look at how people in random places of the world live their lives, we might just be a little closer to world peace.

Interested in my project? Something to tell me? Feel free to drop me an email and talk about anything! 

Why iatfei.com? Short answer: feikuan.com is owned by a domain hoarder. Long answer: Iat Fei is my Chinese first name and I just use the second word as my “English first name”.


  • UBC Computer Engineering '24
  • Avigilon System Engineering Co-op
  • Design Teams: UBC Subbots Firmware and Sensors team lead
  • Personal Projects: Home Server, Android Development


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